Crash Cage Honda Grom MSX 125 13-20


  • Product is powder coated
  • Made of strong, thick-walled 1 “pipes
  • Includes all the screws

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Crash Cage for Honda Grom MSX 125 13-20 (1st and 2nd generation)

Elevate your Honda Grom MSX 125’s durability and style with Crew Garage’s premium crash cage, expertly designed for the 2013-2020 (1st and 2nd generation) models. This essential upgrade is not just about enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your motorcycle; it’s about investing in its longevity and performance, especially if you’re into stunt riding or seeking extra protection for your daily rides.

Crash cage is compatible with :

  1. Honda Grom MSX 125 2013
  2. Honda Grom MSX 125 2014
  3. Honda Grom MSX 125 2015
  4. Honda Grom MSX 125 2016
  5. Honda Grom MSX 125 2017
  6. Honda Grom MSX 125 2018
  7. Honda Grom MSX 125 2019
  8. Honda Grom MSX 125 2020

Secure your ride: Crash Cage for the 1st and 2nd gen Honda Grom

  • This crash cage, made from strong, thick-walled 1″ pipes, delivers excellent protection for your Honda Grom MSX, suitable for all stunt riders, enhancing your bike’s safety and durability.
  • The set includes pucks and all the screws needed by the installer. The product is powder-coated.

Unmatched protection: Crew Garage’s Honda Grom Crash Cage

Whether you’re prepping your bike for the next stunt or simply upgrading it for better resilience, the Crew Garage crash cage is your go-to choice for balancing performance, protection, and style.






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