Stunt stay Kawasaki 636 03-04


  • Product is powder coated
  • Possible to montage stock front light and cluster
  • All screws needed for assembly included

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Stunt stay for Kawasaki 636 2003-2004

Introducing the Stunt Stay with Steel Windshield for the Kawasaki 636, specifically crafted for the 2003-2004 models. This specialized stunt stay is designed to offer unparalleled protection for the front of your motorcycle while maintaining the functionality and aesthetics of the original components.

Stunt stay is compatibile with:

  1. Kawasaki 636 2003
  2. Kawasaki 636 2004

Introducing the ultimate protection: stunt stay for Kawasaki 636 03-04

  • Powder coated durability: The stunt stay is finished with a high-quality powder coating, enhancing its durability and resistance to wear and tear. This finish not only adds an extra layer of protection but also integrates aesthetically with your motorcycle’s design.
  • Possible to montage stock front light and cluster

Upgrade your Kawasaki 636 with our stunt stay and steel windshield

Optimal Protection: By installing our stunt stay, you’re adding a significant layer of defense to your motorcycle, safeguarding it from potential damage during stunts or everyday riding. The steel windshield and sturdy construction work together to protect the vital components of your bike’s front end.






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