Subcage Yamaha R7


  • Product is powder coated.
  • Extra-strong laser-cut steel 8 mm thick

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Subcage for Yamaha R7

Take your Yamaha R7’s performance and style to the next level with Crew Garage’s meticulously designed Subcage. This premium accessory is a game-changer for riders seeking enhanced stability and protection without compromising on aesthetics.

Subcage is compatible with Yamaha R7

Transform your Yamaha R7 with our Subcage

Whether you’re into stunt riding or seeking an extra layer of protection and style for your Yamaha R7, Crew Garage’s Subcage is an investment that promises performance, durability, and an unmatched riding experience.

Revolutionize your ride: The essential subcage for Yamaha R7 enthusiasts”

While the Subcage itself is a marvel of engineering, it’s worth noting that the pegs, crucial for a complete stunt setup, are not included. This allows riders the flexibility to choose their preferred style – black pipe grip foot pegs or CNC aluminum foot pegs, tailoring the setup to individual preferences.








Black pipe grip foot pegs, CNC aluminium foot pegs, Not included


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