Scrapebar Yamaha Mt Fz 07


  • Product is powder coated
  • Strong laser-cut parts made of high-quality steel

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Scrapebar for Yamaha MT FZ 07

Elevate your Yamaha MT FZ 07’s stunt capabilities with Crew Garage’s meticulously designed Scrapebar. Engineered for riders who push the limits, this scrapebar combines durability, ease of installation, and sleek aesthetics, ensuring your bike stands out while offering enhanced functionality. Crafted from high-quality steel with precision laser-cut parts, this scrapebar is built to endure, providing reliable performance without compromising the look of your motorcycle.

Scrapebar is compatible with:

  • Yamaha MT FZ 2014
  • Yamaha MT FZ 2015
  • Yamaha MT FZ 2016
  • Yamaha MT FZ 2017
  • Yamaha MT FZ 2018
  • Yamaha MT FZ 2019
  • Yamaha MT FZ 2020
  • Yamaha MT FZ 2021
  • Yamaha MT FZ 2022
  • Yamaha MT FZ 2023
  • Yamaha MT FZ 2024

Transform your Yamaha MT FZ 07 with Crew Garage’s Scrapebar

Easy installation: The scrapebar is designed for straightforward mounting, allowing you to equip your bike with this essential stunt accessory without extensive modifications.

Master your stunts: scrapebar for Yamaha MT FZ 07

Whether you’re a seasoned stunt rider or looking to add a functional yet stylish accessory to your Yamaha MT FZ 07, Crew Garage’s Scrapebar is an ideal choice, offering the perfect blend of durability, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal.





Titanium plate

Titanium plate (20 mm wide), Fat titanium plate (30 mm wide), Not included


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