Scrapebar Yamaha R7


  • Product is powder coated.
  • Extra-strong laser-cut steel 8 mm thick

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Scrapebar for Yamaha R7

Transform your Yamaha R7 with Crew Garage’s Scrapebar, designed to enhance your motorcycle’s stunt capabilities while maintaining its sleek aesthetic. This scrapebar is the ideal addition for riders seeking to push their limits, offering both robust functionality and a visually appealing design. Constructed from high-quality steel with precise laser-cut parts, this accessory promises durability and a perfect fit, all without the need for altering your bike’s original tail fairings.

Scrapebar is compatible with Yamaha R7

Next-level riding: introducing the Scrapebar for Yamaha R7

Exceptional Durability: Crafted from high-quality steel, the scrapebar is built to withstand the demands of aggressive riding and stunt performance, providing reliable support and protection.

Laser-Cut Precision: The meticulous laser-cutting process ensures each part of the scrapebar fits your Yamaha R7 perfectly, guaranteeing a seamless integration with your motorcycle’s design.

Achieve stunt perfection with the Scrapebar for Yamaha R7

For Yamaha R7 owners looking to add a functional yet stylish element to their bike, Crew Garage’s Scrapebar offers the perfect balance of performance enhancement and aesthetic appeal, ensuring your motorcycle stands out while providing the necessary support for stunt riding.





Titanium plate

Titanium plate (20 mm wide), Fat titanium plate (30 mm wide), Not included


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