Stunt stay conversion Kawasaki 636 03-04 to 13+


  • Product is powder coated
  • Possible to montage stock front light and cluster
  • All screws needed for assembly included

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Stunt stay coversion for Kawasaki 636 03-04 to 13+

Introducing our Stunt Stay Conversion Kit for the Kawasaki 636, designed to transition your 2003-2004 model to the 2013 and newer style. This innovative kit offers a seamless way to update the look of your bike while maintaining its original functionality and enhancing its front-end protection.

Stunt stay conversion is compatibile with:

  1. Kawasaki 636 2003
  2. Kawasaki 636 2004

Easy update for your kawasaki 636 03-04 with our stunt stay conversion

  • Product is Powder coated
  • Possible to montage stock front light and cluster

Upgrade your ride: convert your Kawasaki 636 03-04 to a newer look

Transform your Kawasaki 636 with our Stunt Stay Conversion Kit, blending the best of both worlds: the classic appeal of the 0304 models with the modern aesthetics of the 13+ versions. Upgrade your bike today and enjoy a refreshed look with enhanced protection and functionality.

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